We are a health clinic in the downtown core of Toronto with a team of specialized experts providing complete care for patients with complex symptoms and those looking for health prevention, optimal physical and mental performance.

We focus on comprehensive health investigations, assessments and offer specialized lab testing for everyday toxicants and heavy metal exposures from mold, food, personal care products and sick building syndrome at home or work.

Electro-Hypersensitive individuals: please note that our primary clinic location is not in a low EMF environment. We are actively seeking a secondary location where we can specifically meet you in person. Until we can accommodate your visit, please contact us by phone to have all your questions answered. Thank you!

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Benjamin Franklin

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Dr. Aviad Elgez, ND
Naturopathic Doctor – Environmental Investigator
Dr. Kirsten Smith, ND
NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR – Bioidentical Hormones
Dr. Winnie Siu, ND
Naturopathic Doctor—Breast Cancer prevention, Environmental Investigator
Alla Sydorchenko, MD [Europe]
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist , Dermatologist

Antonella Teti
IV Lab Technician

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Dr. Riina Bray, MD
Director of Human Health and the Environment, Environmental Health Consultant
Dr. Marillea Yu, ND
Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, PH.D
Clinical Genomicist. Lifestyle & Personalized Genomics Consultant
Caroline Sabbah, L.L.L (Law), CNP
Clinical Nutritionist
Robert Steller, BBEI, BBEC, EE, CMR
Certified Building Biologist - Environmental Consult & Inspector


T. 416.929.0707
F. 416.915.3546


EnviroMed Clinic @ Xiaolan Health Centre, 2nd floor
88 Prince Arthur Avenue, 
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1B6


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