Environmental Exposure Investigations

For patients interested in a thorough environmental exposure assessment, EnviroMed is offering 2 distinct programs that have been created to cover a broad spectrum of tests to shed light on potential hidden exposures that may be related to their primary health concerns and symptoms.

These programs are very thorough, however not everyone may choose this path right away. Thus, EnviroMed welcomes patients to come in for an initial assessment consultation alone to get the exploration started without the need to choose one of these programs.

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Semi-Comprehensive | Environmental Toxic Metabolic Effects

This program will provide you with a full life long medical history assessment looking at areas of toxicant exposures that may have or are currently affecting your health – such as in your past & present homes, jobs, hobbies, travels, and diet.

This program includes an indirect measurement of toxicant exposure using a wide range of blood and urine tests. These tests assess the metabolic effect toxins have on your body (e.g. DNA oxidative damage, glutathione and other nutrient depletions, and immune markers for mold exposures).


Comprehensive Direct Environmental Toxicant Exposure Testing & Assessment

This program will provide direct measurement of toxicant exposure in addition to a thorough full life long medical history assessment looking at areas of all possible toxicant exposure sources in past and present homes, jobs, hobbies, travel, and diet.

The broad spectrum of blood and urine tests provides you with direct measures of toxicants such as heavy metals, solvents, plastics (BPA/Phthalates), pesticides, parabens, and mold mycotoxins.