IV Vitamin Drip Therapy


Intravenous Nutrient therapy also commonly called “IV Vitamin Drips” owe their extraordinary success to the very high blood vitamins & nutrients concentration obtained by direct delivery into the bloodstream. This short nutrient spike is the key to the benefits and not obtainable by oral supplementation alone! Through the sheer concentration gradient increase, these nutrients are driven into cells, recharging & helping the cell function faster and better than before. This spike can last for hours or days, depending on the nutrient. Resulting in an enhanced immune system function, increased energy levels and antioxidant protection, improved detoxification, and repair mechanisms that takes place for the entire week.

Think of it like a strong nutrient bath to soak your cells!

IV Vitamin Drips can be used as a single treatment for acute infections (viral, bacterial, etc.) or as a part of a more extensive program in the treatment of chronic complex conditions, as well as in the maintenance of optimal health, longevity, and peak mental and physical performance.

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Reduces withdrawal effects of certain medications. Ideal for individuals who are tapering from mood medications.

A deep immune system booster. Increases white blood cell counts to overcome recurrent viral & bacterial infections and shortens illness time.

Improves performance & recovery post workout or from sports injuries.
Ideal for individuals training regularly.

Reduces anxiety & high stress.
Beneficial for insomnia caused by restlessness and mental overactivity.

A well balanced maintenance formula.
Provides nutrients essential for optimal energy, adrenal function, gentle immune support, and detoxification.

Supports optimal mood and well-being.
Ideal for individuals suffering from low mood and/or irritability.

A starter drip to ease into vitamin drip therapy. Provides foundational nutrients to nourish cells for optimal function.

Significantly improves tissue repair & recovery time. Reduces inflammation and prevents infection. Ideal for all surgeries, especially dental.

Provides optimal nutrients to vitalize cellular energy and function. Recharges one from within.

A vitamin drip specifically formulated for wellness optimization. Provides optimal nutrients, antioxidants, & mitochondrial support.

Supports brain health. Helps with recovery from post-concussion, head injuries or trauma.

Significantly improves detoxification & clearance of multiple toxins. Protects the liver from damage. Contains the master antioxidant, glutathione.

Optimizes immune system, prevents infections, and reduces exhaustion from jetlag and travel. Ideal for regular travelers and business executives.

Supports optimal adrenal gland function and overall wellbeing. Especially beneficial for chronic stress and burnout.


Meet Dr. Marilla Yu, ND and Antonella Teti

Dr. Yu and Antonella are friendly and highly experienced members of our EnviroMed Clinic team who will be administering your IV Vitamin Drip. Their expertise makes the IV Vitamin Drip experience safe & comfortable for our patients.  Both have personally experienced the benefits of IV treatments, and they continue to get them as part of self-care!


The extraordinary success of IV Vitamin Drips are from the immediate effect of high dose vitamins & nutrients obtained by direct delivery into the bloodstream. Bypassing your digestive tract, these nutrients can enter your bloodstream right away to get you feeling better and faster. This short nutrient spike is the key to the benefits and not obtainable by oral supplementation alone

IV Vitamin Drips uses nutrients for their therapeutic value, not just to correct a deficiency. 

EnviroMed Clinic is a licensed and registered IV Facility with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. Our naturopathic doctors have completed additional training to be licensed to compound and administer IV Vitamin Drips. They have a wealth of knowledge & experience so you can feel comfortable and safe at our clinic. 

Side effects are rare and can be discussed with your naturopathic doctor prior to your treatment.

In general, IV Vitamin Drips are quite comfortable and many patients enjoy their treatment time in our relaxing IV lounge!

One of our naturopathic doctors will complete an IV Assessment with you to review your health history and treatment goals. Based on this information, he/she will select an IV Vitamin Drip formula most suitable for you.

As part of your IV Assessment, your naturopathic doctor will determine how many treatments you may require and will discuss this with you. The number and frequency of treatments depend on your current state of health and treatment goals.

You get benefits from even one IV Vitamin Drip. But just like going to the gym, it is much better to give your body multiple bursts of exercise and watch the body heal, grow, and get vital again – week after week, month after month. So just like when you stop going to the gym, you don’t lose all the benefits right away. The effects have a long-lasting effect that is noticeable. The same thing is true with IV Vitamin Drips!

There are many protocols, you can get them once a week, for a few weeks or a couple of months, while letting your body heal and recover from within. So that when you stop, the health benefits are long lasting - showing improvements in overall optimal health, increasing peak mental and physical performance, reducing symptoms of ill health, and improving health span (health-longevity). In general, we recommend you start with an IV once weekly for 4-6 weeks. After that, you will have the opportunity to meet with your naturopathic doctor to review your progress and re-assess your protocol.

Treatments range from $125-$195 per session. Pricing is dependent on the IV formula, concentration and volume of nutrients administered and the length of the treatment. A portion of the cost may be covered by extended healthcare insurance plans.

IV Vitamin Drips can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

The duration of your treatment depends on the volume of the IV bag and the IV drip rate that is most comfortable for you.  

New and current patients can make an IV Assessment appointment by calling our clinic  at 416-929-0707.

You will start with an IV Assessment consultation, as you need to be a patient of one of our naturopathic doctors.
During the assessment, your health history, goals of treatment, physical examination, and bloodwork (required) will be discussed and obtained.

Once this has been completed, you can book an IV Vitamin drip treatment session and we can hook you up!

Before your first IV treatment, your naturopathic doctor will do a focused physical examination and send you for blood work (if you don’t have updated bloodwork already).

Staying hydrated and having a snack or small meal a couple/few hours before your treatment is important! This helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable and easier access to your veins. 

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