Colon Hydrotherapy

 About Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy also known as a colonic is an excellent way to detoxify and eliminate stagnant waste that has accumulated in the body.  Poor digestive health is often a result of poor diets, environmental toxins, emotional stress or dehydration. The loss of muscular strength of the large intestine and bacterial imbalance causes improper elimination of waste resulting in constipation, gas, bloating, toxin reabsorption, abdominal pain, weakened immune system and ultimately illness.

The one who owns a clean intestine holds the key to a long and healthy life.

— Mechnikov,  a Great Russian physiologist

Colon hydrotherapy uses a gentle flow of filtered water to clean and rebalance the large intestine. Water infusions to the colon washes out the old stools through a sealed tube directly into sewage, at the same time there is a blood and liver cleansing effect.

Our certified colon hydrotherapist, Alla Sydorchenko has over 10 years of experience in this field.  The accumulated experience has allowed her to develop unique techniques and offer additional treatments to colon hydrotherapy such as chlorophyll, probiotics and coffee infusions.

Alla has seen the beneficial results in the use of colonics in treating various conditions such as heart diseases- a significant reduction in cholesterol, allergies, asthma, various skin conditions, headaches, abnormal thyroid, liver diseases and cancer.

Colon hydrotherapy is a great complementary treatment if you are undergoing therapies for weight loss or medical cleansing programs to eliminate heavy metals, bacteria, parasites or various toxins and reduce total body burden.

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In a single colonic hydrotherapy session, over an hour period, 40-60 liters of clean filtered water gently flows through the large intestine. The water infusion washes out old stools or intestinal slug through a sealed tube directly into the sewer. At the same time there is also a blood and liver cleansing effect. The use of chlorophyll at the end of the treatments provides an added detoxification effect. During the treatment, there is no smell or sound released into the environment.

The only contradictions are organic bowel disease, such as tuberculosis of bowel, Crohn’s disease, or colon cancer. The procedure can not be performed for pregnant women.
There is general agreement that when cleansing the intestine you also cleanse off useful flora necessary for its normal operation. Properly conducted operations do not wash off the intestine’s flora. The thing is that the micro flora is “programmed” for a quick self-healing. At the same time, the removal of toxic substances, pathogenic micro organisms or their metabolic products helps restore micro flora. In addition, we use the probiotic on the colon procedures, to help restore the micro flora in your intestine. We offer treatment that gives excellent results in the treatment of disbacteriosis of any type and any severity.

The therapy is absolutely safe, painless, comfortable, and, moreover, an aesthetic procedure. For a many years we have not had any complaints, no case of negative emotions and no frustration.

Of Course! You might as well go back and do what you usually do, after paying a visit to the bathroom.