Environmental Home Investigations

Our Health vs Our Environment

We spend a lot of time in our homes and at work. Therefore, determining the health of these environments is a critical factor in our own health. This area is often times overlooked or not accounted for when discussing health concerns with your doctor.

“Sick building syndrome” can cause symptoms ranging from allergies, asthma, recurring sinus infections, headaches, chronic fatigue and many more.

We collaborate with Robert Steller, a German trained Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant who performs assessments to determine potential toxicants that pose as health risk factors. As a consultant, he provides services for offices, industry and private residences, real estate property and building practices for both new construction and renovation of existing buildings.

Robert tests and provides detailed reports for in indoor air quality testing for the following toxicants:

  • Formaldehyde and other toxic gases
  • Solvents and other volatile organic compounds
  • Biocides and other semi-organic compounds
  • Inorganic toxins
  • Particles and fibers (dust, asbestos)
  • Indoor climate (temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, combustible gases (sewer, natural gas etc.)
  • New building material off gassing
  • Moisture &  mold spores profile

Robert’s mission is to join technical expertise, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to promote healthy homes and workplaces.

This is achieved through education- specifically helping people realize that homes and workplaces can be created to bring the benefits of both health and aesthetics into their living environments. Creating an awareness of the health hazards that may exist in our living spaces not only improves health and provides a sense of well being, but also has an impact on the survival of this planet.

Let us make your home and work place safe for you and your family, contact Robert at Breathing Easy