Holistic Nutritional Counseling

 What is holistic nutritional counseling?

Holistic simply means “treating the body as a whole”. Holistic nutrition is an integrative way of looking at the food we eat and the way it nourishes our bodies. It goes beyond calorie counting by examining each individual organ system in depth, and aims for a healthy balance in all areas of life. Besides food, holistic nutrition also incorporates aspects around sleep, toxicity, sunlight, water, air, exercise, lifestyle, psycho-spiritual challenges, and stress. We look at optimizing digestion and boosting energy levels.

Holistic nutrition is personalized. Everybody is at a different level and has different needs. A full assessment will uncover any nutrient deficiencies, food preferences, and lifestyle challenges. Then, a personalized course of action is developed to ensure your success. Through holistic nutrition you can establish a lifelong, sustainable, and healthy relationship with food.

EnviroMed’s holistic nutritionist is highly skilled and prepared to develop customized meal plans to help you achieve your health goals. Grocery store guided tours, cooking workshops and one-on-one consultations will ensure that the food you eat feeds your body’s needs.