Slim & Detox Herbal—Mineral, Body Wrap

Our treatments are all formulated to improve overall general health. Our Herbal-Mineral Body Wrap formula is a safe and also an effective weight loss and detox procedure currently being offered at the clinic. It is a very pleasant and calming treatment, also employing aromatherapy and relaxing music.

The unique formula of our herbal-mineral wrap helps to contour and detoxify your body by promoting toxin elimination from the fat and through the skin. The active components of the herbs in the body wrap formula increases fat metabolism activates the adipose tissue to burn more fat. Reduction in the appearance of cellulite can occur reduced and you will also feel more energized and rejuvenated. The mineral component of the formula leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and tight.

What are the benefits of a body wrap?

  • Detoxification — Our skin is our largest organ, it is also an organ of detoxification. Clearing toxins through the skin can have a significant effect on your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Stress reduction
  • Joint and muscle pain reduction
  • Weight loss
  • Reductions of the appearance of cellulite
  • Water retention decrease
  • Mild cardiovascular system exercise

Our SLIM AND DETOX HERBAL — MINERAL, BODY WRAP is a combination of both a very effective herbal-mineral formula wrap with the use of an infrared blanket wrap treatment. These two treatments enhance one another synergistically to improve their effectiveness.

What is a Herbal Mineral Wrap & Infrared body treatment, and how does it work?

The wrap uses a selection of herbs and minerals which are chosen for their nourishing properties – these are also blended with essential oils and are steeped in hot water. At this point, six cloth sheets and elastic bandages are then soaked in this solution before they are applied around your body, arms and legs. The infrared blanket is then applied over this. This wrap promotes the extraction of dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin — detoxifies it and nourishing it.

The Infrared System provides deep penetration of the infrared heat into the fat tissue and improves blood circulation around the fat cells. This process encourages the fat just under-skin to increase its metabolism multiple fold — speeding up its breakdown process while also releasing toxins.