Caroline Sabbah

Clinical Nutritionist

Caroline Sabbah, L.L.L (Law), CNP

L.L.L (Law) | University of Ottawa | The Bar Of Quebec| Holistic Nutrition | Advanced training in Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine + SIBO and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction + Microbiome Restoration + Translational Nutrition and Nutrigenomics + Culinary Nutrition | Fluent in French


Areas of expertise:

  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Functional Medicine
  • Nutrigenomics

Caroline Sabbah, L.L.L (Law), CNP, NNCP is a first class honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (CNP). Caroline focuses on health, gut, energy and brain optimization for busy, overwhelmed, fatigued women and teens, most with a history of autoimmune disease, brain fog, anxiety, gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalances or CFS/Fibro. Caroline started her career as a litigation lawyer and mediator and is no stranger to high stress and chronic health issues as she went through her own struggles with Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s disease, Brain fog and Mold toxicity. She decided to change paths and study nutrition as it played a pivotal role in her journey back to health. It became her mission to empower women with the knowledge and guidance to unlock their health potential and lead vibrant lives with more energy, vitality and brain clarity and performance. She completed certifications in Culinary Nutrition (CNE), Functional Nutrition (CFNC), Herbal Medicine and advanced training in SIBO, Microbiome Restoration and S.H.I.N.E protocol (CFS/Fibro) as well as Functional Medicine. She is presently pursuing her Functional Medicine Practitioner certification and Translational Nutrition and Nutrigenomics certification. Caroline is also part of a Mastermind group dedicated to the advancement of clinicians towards delivering the best standard of client care.  Caroline speaks and facilitates workshops at the clinic and as a guest speaker in corporate settings in and around Toronto.

Using a functional medicine nutrition approach, Caroline focuses on uncovering the underlying causes, getting to the “why” of your health issues by carefully listening to your concerns, looking at the body as a whole, conducting detailed intakes and delivering achievable and customized health programs by considering not only food and nutrient deficiencies but environmental factors, micro organism and hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, genetics and lifestyle to support your well being also assisting other health care providers in their approach all the while providing you with the support, care, education, empowerment and guidance that you need. As Culinary Nutrition expert, Caroline also guides and coaches clients with confidence in the kitchen.

With her multi faceted approach and training, she’s passionate about helping you “unlock your health potential”.

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